It’s the moment your award winners have been waiting for. All that work and effort, recognised under the lights by the people in their industry. We’ll give you photographs that capture that triumph, emotion and community – whether your event is big or small.

Why work with us?

A great awards night isn’t just about winners on stage. It’s about team-bonding, people catching up, and tomorrow’s co-founders meeting for the first time. We capture all those moments to tell the true story of your night.

Our “almost live” approach means that shots of winners are available online seconds after they’ve left the stage, helping you and your guests share the good news.

All of our images are provided fully-edited by the next morning, ensuring that they’re ready to be shared in the press and in your PR work.

We’ll work with you to agree the look and feel of your photos, and scout the venue so that we can bring your gorgeous event space to life.

Get in touch with us today to discuss what you need, and we’ll give you more than you expected.

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